Wake Energised Kit

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Wake Energised Kit

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  • Reawaken your inner cheer squad with our all-natural pick-me-up, our Morning Drops
  • Sidestep the 3pm slump with our travel-friendly Calm Essential Oil Roll On, ideal to refresh a busy mind ‘on the go’
  • Our Sweet Dreams Mini Sleep Mist instantly soothes tension when it’s time to say goodnight 

  • Good morning sunshine! Seize the day with our Wake Energised routine, designed to aid restorative sleep and nurture your inner (and outer) glow. Every day, come what may! 

    Let’s keep it simple. Everyone is meant to be ‘a morning person’!  Humans are sun seekers: born to rise and shine with the sun and sleep not long after it sets – when the sleep hormone, melatonin, naturally kicks in, keeping your circadian rhythm or internal body clock on track. Without it, waking up can be hard to do.

    One thing’s for sure: quality, uninterrupted sleep (seven to nine hours per night) keeps every cell in your body happily functioning, equipping you – mind, body, heart and spirit – with feel-good energy to rise and truly shine when you’re meant to. 

    Still think you’re not a morning person? Put our Wake Energised Kit to the test. It includes our 100% natural Morning Drops, a remedy best described as liquid sunshine – taken directly under the tongue (ahem… before you reach for a coffee). For the perfect ‘double shot’, match it with the uplifting aroma of our Calm Essential Oil Roll On, keeping you focused on the people and things that matter most in your day.

    Quality sleep definitely matters. So, when bedtime comes around, complete your sleep routine with a spritz of our Sweet Dreams Mini Sleep Mist on your pillows to calm your mind and prepare the body for deep sleep.